Cristina Ruiz Martín



Escuela de Ingenierías Industriales

Universidad de Valladolid

C/ Paseo del Cauce, 59

47011 – Valladolid, Spain


PhD at INSISOC (a Research Institute certified as: GIR UVa, GREX251, UIC086) and ARS-Lab


Link to Google Scholar Cristina Ruiz-Martin

Research Gate: Cristina_Ruiz-Martin

Professional Accreditation: Certified Project Management Associate – IPMA D

ORCID: 0000-0001-9525-2734


Short CV:

Cristina Ruiz Martín is PhD from both Universidad de Valladolid (Spain) and Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada). She has done her PhD in cotutelle. She received her MSc in Industrial Engineering (2014) and Project Management (2013) from Universidad de Valladolid.

Her research interests include Organizational Resilience, Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation, Agent-Based Modeling and Network Theory.

She has been Teaching Assistant in Strategic Management in both undergrad and graduate courses at Universidad de Valladolid. She has been Teaching Assistant in Managerial Economics at Escuela de Ingenierías Industriales de Valladolid.


Selected Publications:

Ruiz-Martín, C.; López-Paredes, A.; Wainer, G., (2018). What we know and do not know about organizational resilience. International Journal of Production Management and Engineering, 6-1, pp.: 11-28. Universitat Politècnica de València. ISSN: 2340-4876.

Morales-Allende, M.; Ruiz-Martín, C.; López-Paredes, A.; Pérez-Ríos, J., (2017). Aligning Organizational Pathologies and Organizational Resilience Indicators. International Journal of Production Management and Engineering, 5-2, pp.: 107-116. Universitat Politècnica de València. ISSN: 2340-4876.

Ruiz-Martín, C.; Pérez-Ríos, J.; Wainer, G.; Pajares, J.; Hernández, C.; López-Paredes, A., (2017). The Application of the Viable System Model to Enhance Organizational Resilience. Advances in Management Engineering. Colección: Lecture Notes in Management and Industrial Engineering. pp.: 95-107. Springer. ISSN Colección: 2198-0772. ISBN: 978-3-319-55888-2.

Ruiz-Martín, C.; Wainer, G.; Bouanan, Y; Zacharewicz, G.; López-Paredes, A., (2016). A hybrid approach to study communication in emergency plans. 2016 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC). pp.: 1376-1387. IEEE. Electronic ISSN: 1558-4305.

Ruiz-Martín, C.; González-Álvarez, J.L.; Ramírez-Ferrero, M.; López-Paredes, A., (2015). Modelling a Nuclear Emergency Plan: Communication Management. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, 21-5, pp.: 1152-1168. Taylor & Francis. ISSN: 1080-7039, 1549-7860.

Ruiz-Martín, C.; Poza, D., (2015). Project configuration by means of network theory. International Journal of Project Management, 33-8, pp.: 1755–1767. Elsevier. ISSN: 0263-7863.

Ruiz-Martín, C.; López-Paredes, A.; Wainer, G., (2015). Applying Complex Network Theory to the Assessment of Organizational Resilience. IFAC-PapersOnLine, 48-3, pp.: 1224-1229. IFAC Secretariat. ISSN: 2405-8963. (BEST DOCTORAL CONSORTIUM PAPER)