INSISOC is an Excellence Research Group of Castilla y León, GREX 251 (2004- )


Welcome to the Project Management and Organizational Cybernetics Group at INSISOC.


Project Management

The Research on Project Management is focused in the development of new methodologies and techniques to design monitor and evaluate project oriented organizations. In particular, our interests are:

·    Business Administration. Value. Stakeholders. Governance. Project Management Office.

·    Portfolio and Program Management. Control and monitoring. Program Management Office. Multiproject Management.

·    Risk Management.

·    Training and education in Project Management.


System Thinking and Organizational Cybernetics

The main lines of research within the area of systems thinking are:

Also this group has been particularly active in using some of the tools described above for networking and research collaboration in academia (national and international). As an example of some of the established networks of special relevance to mention the Red Iberfora (, the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Spanish Agency of International Collaboration on the provision of postgraduate studies in Spain (, the network of Organizational Cybernetics ( or the Network of systems thinking (

It should also highlight the extensive involvement in research projects both domestic and international, such as REDTEMS (Systemic Thinking Network) from the MCyT or IBERFORO (A model system for the exchange of information and decision making) from the CICYT, or "Management Systems and Cybernetics (Msc)" and "Computer Based Modeling, Simulation and Graphic Representation Of Technology Innovation Networks ", both from the European Commission.


INSISOC is integrated by researchers from University of Valladolid and University of Burgos

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